I’m currently focusing on these things in my life:

These are my priorities. Other than the exceptions below, I say no to everything else: recruitment/employment offers, business partnerships, equity/profit–share deals, marketing services, outsourcing my development needs, stuff being sold over the phone, and so on.

Business enquiries

Please visit for details of my professional services.

You can schedule a free 15-minute phone/video consultations to have a chat about your business’ software project.

Book your call now →

I don’t schedule new business meetings without first having this call and establishing that I can provide value to you and your organisation.

Help with your code

I genuinely enjoy helping and teaching other developers, and regularly receive questions for help on Android and Rails development.

However, I need to manage these as they increase in volume.

If you have a small development query, such as help with a particular piece of code, please post it on StackOverflow, and send me the link.

In this way, the whole community can benefit from - and contribute to - our learning.

For direct, one-on-one support for your code, or to discuss a larger project, I offer professional software consulting sessions through Plymouth Software.([]).

Please visit for more information.


Saying “no” does not come naturally to me. For years, though, I have spent most of my time saying yes to people’s requests - but got nothing done myself.

People often ask me to do other things. I sincerely wish them the best, and that I could help more, but I must say no, because I need to focus on these things in my life.

Last updated : August 2020.

Inspired by zen habits and Derek Sivers.