Introducing Monthly: Pay-Monthly Web Site Design and Development

Last week saw the launch of Monthly, a completely new web site design and development service I’m pleased to offer small and medium businesses. Monthly is a fresh approach to designing, building and updating your web site. With Monthly, you simply subscribe to a monthly payment plan that covers your web site’s design, development, and […]

Lightweight Web Apps: Getting Started With Sinatra

For many reasons, I’m a huge fan of Rails for building web software, and by implication, coding in Ruby. When you’ve spent a little time working with Ruby, it’s difficult to go back to more traditional languages such as PHP. For less intense website or small applications, though, Rails can feel a bit heavy-handed. Whilst […]

Switching to Jekyll

For several years now, I’ve used WordPress to power this site. As I’ve learned to use new tools for coding (vim, git and so on), WordPress has started to seem a little too heavy, especially for just writing posts. A textarea editor just can’t cut it when you’ve been using vim for a couple of […]