Android: Spinner-Like UI for Selecting Multiple Options

Download the source code files AndroidMultipleChoice.tar.gz (tar.gz, eclipse project) Android includes a Spinner control that works very much like a desktop drop-down (or combo-box) control. Tapping a Spinner presents a list of options, and allows the user to select one from the list. However, in building a small research app, I needed to allow users […]

Lightweight Web Apps: Getting Started With Sinatra

For many reasons, I’m a huge fan of Rails for building web software, and by implication, coding in Ruby. When you’ve spent a little time working with Ruby, it’s difficult to go back to more traditional languages such as PHP. For less intense website or small applications, though, Rails can feel a bit heavy-handed. Whilst […]

Android: Double Taps on a MapView with Overlays


Download the source code for this post PushPin.tar.gz, For the past few days, I’ve been struggling with the Android SDK to detect double-taps on a MapView with overlays. I’m working on Plymouth Software’s first Android app, which makes use of Google’s MapView class. The requirements are: The map can have several pushpin markers overlaid […]