Resource: Google Nexus-S Graphic for Inkscape (SVG / XCF)

I needed a reasonable representation of the Google Nexus S for my site and some client proposal work. There are some stunning examples out there already, but those I found were generally in PSD or non-scalable PNG formats. Being a long-time Ubuntu convert, I needed something that was scalable and worked nicely with Inkscape and […]

Gmail Contacts API

I noticed today that Google has finally launched an API for its contacts application. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to easily and properly synchronise contact data amongst Gmail, Address Book, mobile, etc. and use Gmail contacts as a single repository. The API uses Google’s GData format, which is something I’m yet to look […]

An Example of Near-Perfect Design

I’ve been a long-time fan of Google Calendar, mainly because I can see where I need to be from any web connection. But probably its most useful feature is the thought that has obviously gone into the interaction design. The Problem When using calendar software, it is painful to have to click between each field, […]

Check your language for GMail IMAP?

Like quite a few others, I was pleased to hear that Google has finally got round to adding IMAP to its GMail service. IMAP means checking and dealing with emails from multiple sources is a lot simpler, as any changes are synchronised back to the server. I patiently waited for the IMAP tab to appear […]