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Android: Consuming a Remote JSON API with Volley

In the previous tutorial, you learned how to use Volley’s built-in networking tools to quickly download a network resource and display the results. Volley removes lots of boiler-plate code, and lets you concentrate on the details of your app rather than dealing with low-level networking technologies.

Android: Getting Started with Volley

Volley is a library developed by Google for fast, easy networking in Android. It wraps up a lot of boiler plate code that you would normally have to code yourself when connecting to servers, queuing requests, handling errors, caching, etc.

Android: Using Gradle

On a couple of Android projects I’m working on, I’ve switched to using the new Gradle Build system. The idea of storing the entire build configuration in one place is great.

Android: Getting Started with Databases and ContentProviders Part 1

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Testing Rendered Views with RSpec2, Capybara and Rails 3.

While view tests are brittle, easily breaking when the design of a page changes, they are undoubtedly handy for checking the important parts of a page are rendered. I usually check for page titles, model attributes/tables or forms, and footer element, and so on.

Android: How to test Local Web Apps on an Emulated Device (AVD)

Android AVD running local Web App

Android: Spinner-Like UI for Selecting Multiple Options

Introducing Outlime: Rapid Sketching for Android

Update: Outlime has now been discontinued.

Android: Double Taps on a MapView with Overlays

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Business Startup Week 3: Android

After launching Amberleaf live last week, this week has been eventful as I continued work on the first Android app to be released through Plymouth Software.